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A combination of acupuncture techniques and massage in which the thumbs and fingertips apply external pressure massage on pressure points along the acupuncture meridians.

Traditional Chinese healing practice uses special needles inserted in the acupuncture points along the meridians running through the body. Technique for pain relief and to restore balance of the flow of Qi(also called chi or ki).

Alexander Technique
A technique for improving health through conscious changes in habitual posture and movement and efficient use of muscles .

AquaCranial« Therapy
AquaCranial® Therapy is an ocean-based extension of CranioSacral Therapy®, developed in conjunction with cetacean research, which supports health and well-being through extremely light touch and fluid movement while floating on gentle waves.

The use of aromatic essential oils and plant extracts to treat common illnesses and disorders and enhance health.

Art Therapy
A therapy that helps people to express themselves non verbally through the visual art mediums of drawing, painting and modeling.

Aura Therapy
Techniques taking into consideration an individual's electromagnetci field "aura" .

Auricular Therapy
A form of acupuncture, using over 200 acupuncture points on the ear representing the different parts of the body and its structures.

Autogenic Training and Therapy
A means of self-healing to achieve relaxation and mental and physical harmony. Individuals are taught by the therapist how to use the therapy. themselves

Ayurvedic Medicines
"Science of Life" System of holistic medicine believed to be the oldest existing medical system. Prevalent form of traditional medical practiced in developed in India today. Auyvedic Medicine combines preventive and medicinal remedies with diet, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga with an understanding of the individual's constitutinal makeup.

Bach Flower Remedies
The 35 Bach remedies aim to correct health-threatening emotional imbalances, using infusions, of different plants.

This Western Form of yoga aims to understand the human personality through bodily energetic processes, including body movements and breathing exercises.

Biofeedback Therapy
Used for stress reduction, pain control. Biofeedback trains a person to correct or modify body functions or reactions by usually observing signals on electronic devices that monitor the patient's nervous system and emotional responses.

A form of manipulation (literally "practice by hand") in which joints of the spine are manipulated by the practitioner, thereby alleviating problems in other parts of the body too as the spine is the main trunk of nerves to the body..

Colon Therapy
(also called Colon Hydrotherapy) Internal physical cleanse and detoxificaion process by irrigation of large intestine with purified water and tonics to promote healthy colon function.

Color Therapy
Uses the effect of color influences an individual's health and emotions, to treat a variety of emotional and physical conditions,

Cranial Osteopathy
Also sometimes known as sacral therapy, this therapy uses a combination of gentle pressure and holding techniques on the patient's skull to release tension and to restore balance.

Crystal Healing
Applications of minerals, precious stones and gems to promote physical and spiritual healing.

Dance Movement Therapy
Dance forms and movements are used to help patients express themselves and to release emotions and tension. It is often used with physically handicapped and autistic children, and children with severe behavioral problems. Adults with communication and behavioral problems may benefit, too.

Based on improved awareness and reorganization of movement that combines stretching, exercise and yoga to encourage proper body movement. Based on 40 years of studies by Dr. Mosh Feldenkrais

Floatation Therapy
This therapy involves sensory deprivation. The patient floats in an "isolation tank" filled with salt and mineral water, usually in complete darkness. Isolated from light and sound, the patient is cut off from any outside stimuli. The aim is to encourage a state of deep relaxation.

Gestalt Therapy
This is a philosophy as well as a holistic form of psychotherapy, a way of living, which aims to heighten an individual's self-awareness and perception of the moment, especially in terms of their relationships with other people and also with their environment.

Herbal Medicine
This is a complete holistic system of medicine which uses the healing properties of medicinal plants. Each patient is treated on an individual basis, according to his needs.

This holistic approach is based on the principle that "like cures like." The homeopath uses minute amounts of diluted substances to treat a wide range of medical conditions. The patient's personality as well as his symptoms is assessed by the homeopathic doctor before prescribing a homeopathic remedy. Based on studies by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

This ancient therapy advocates the therapeutic uses of water in treating many conditions, and in self-healing. Hot, cold and mineral baths, inhalation therapy, sitz baths, steam baths, hot and cold wrapping sheets, hot and cold compresses, vapor baths and Turkish baths and waitsu massage are all used.

This form of therapy uses hypnotism to relax the conscious mind and induce a hypnotic trance. It can be used to bring the subconscious mind into alignment with the conscious mind to make positive suggestions. It is also used as a form of pain relief by some dentists and doctors.

This is not a therapy in itself but a diagnostic tool which is used by some therapists to identify the underlying causes of disease. The markings and changes on the iris of the eye,an extension of brain tissue are studied for indications of any health problems.

Diagnostic tool using tests to locate specific weaknesses in muscles, which maybe caused by food allergies, or vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

This "hands-on" ancient therapy takes many forms and specialties. The aims of therapeutic massage are to induce physical and mental relaxation improve circulation and muscle tone, prevent soft tissue problems, aid the efficient functioning of the digestive system and encourage the elimination of toxins from the body. Hawaii Massage Practicioners must complete standardized training and certification programs and are licensed by the State of Hawaaii.

In addition to promoting relaxation and enabling a person to transcend their day-to-day anxieties, meditation is thought to have beneficial physical effects on the body especially, regarding high blood pressure and heart disease. Many methods, techniques and teachers are available with similiar outcomes.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the Meridians are the channels which run beneath the skin through which the "Qi" (chi) (the body's motivating, energy) flows. Often associated with Acupuncture or immune system functions.

Music Therapy
Music is used as a healing therapy to help patients express deep-set emotions, both positive and negative. It is thought to be successful in treating autism, mentally or emotionally disturbed children and adults, elderly and physically challenged people, and patients with schizophrenia, nervous disorders and stress.

This therapy stresses the body's natural vitality and its potential for self-healing and balancing. Holistic and preventive, it treats the whole person and emphasizes living a healthy, natural life. Eating a healthy diet of natural and organic foods, exercise, relaxation and hydrotherapy are all important aspects of naturopathy.

Network Chiropractic
A network of many methods utilzed in chiropractic today. In this approach, practicioners use specific sequencing of light touch and structrual techniques to locate subluxation at the spinal level and made adjustments that free mechanical tensions from the spinal system.

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
A comprehensive approach to developing more effective communication skills. Therapeutically, NLP is used with addictive behavrior, learning disabilities, phobias and the development of new or healthier behavior patterns.

This involves massage and the manipulation of joints, especially the vertebrae of the spine, to correct skeletal misalignment and encourage self-healing.

Polarity Therapy
A therapy that aims to seek out and unblock any energy blockages in order to restore the balance of the body's vital energy. Therapists believe that illness is derived from blockages and imbalances in the body's energy system, and unblocking them will restore a patient's health and harmony.

Also called Chi or Ki, or Prana. Pronounced "chee", in traditional Chinese medicine this is the vital motivating energy of the body. Also called Chi or Ki, Prana among many names.

This ancient therapy uses a method Of foot massage, applying pressure to reflex zones mapped out on the feet. Reflexologists believe that the soles of the feet mirror the rest of the body and that by working on specific areas that correspond to other parts and organs of the body, a wide range of problems can be treated.

Sometimes known as structural integration, Rolfing, named after Ida Rolf, aims to restore balance to the body and realign its structure. The Rolfing practitioner is highly trained and certified to uses a form of deep massage to work on the body's connective tissues and improve posture.

This ancient method of healing was practiced by healers (shamans) in cultures and tribes all over the world. Medicinal herbs and plants, prayers, songs, rhythmic movement, offerings and ritual dance are among the techniques used by shamans.

This "finger pressure" massage therapy originated in Japan. The practitioner applies pressure to specific points along the Meridians (energy channels), using the fingers, hands, elbows, knees and even feet. It is thought to be healing and energy-balancing and can be used to treat many common medical conditions.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan
A Chinese system for preventing and treating disease which uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation of body and mind.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
A complete system of medicine which has been practiced in China for over 2,000 years. It combines herbal medicine with acupuncture, manipulative therapy and food cures. It aims to restore harmony to the body and balance Yin and Yang.

Visualization Therapy
A form of therapy in which positive images are used for healing and to promote good health.

Yin and Yang
The equal and opposite qualities of Qi, the vital energy of the body.

An ancient holistic Indian system of exercises, postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation. It teaches self-control and a state of being at one with oneself, everything and everyone.

Zen Therapy
body's A system of spiritual practices, including meditative exercises, which is based on Buddhist philosophy and beliefs. It's aim is to find self-enlightenment and integrate the body, mind and spirit in a state of total fulfillment.

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